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              Studio Desks

              Zaor Studio Desks help to marry analog hardware and a modern workflow.

              Beautiful wide room with dominant red and a great workspace on the ONDA ANGLED BLACK

              Bert Balcaen in Bruges, Belgium built a sensational desk combining a large format console with 2 digital workspaces, one based around the ZAOR ONDA ANGLED

              Crown Jam's Dobly Atmos setup is going all in on the most recent tec, built around a custom MIZA X2 Flex
              Crownjam in Germany built a full DOLBY ATMOS setup around a MIZA X2 Flex, ZAOR Stand Monitor and Worldchair - in white! We do bespoke.

              Room with guitars and a MIZA Jr - all you need
              Even the small desks can bring joy and fulfillment, here Yamashi Roll's great room in Japan with fabulous guitars, a MIZA Junior Flex, and his hero: Jimi the one and only!

              Matrix Angled for SSL MATRIX


              Vela Klavi


              Maestro 36+18


              Miza X2 Flex


              Maestro 24+12


              Onda Angled MKII


              Marea O Open space for mixers and controllers


              Miza 88 XL Flex


              Maestro Solo 12+6


              Miza 88 FLEX


              Miza M Flex


              Miza Z Flex


              Miza CUBE FLEX


              Vision W


              Yesk 2 Studio Desk


              Stand Miza MKIII (pair)

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