AV Producers – Zaor North America

Most musical artists today have become Audiovisual Producers, not just recording their songs but also video content for their social media, auto-promotion, demo reels, and more. Simply put, if you have no visual presence you do not exist.

When creating the environments for AV producers we think beyond the laptop and the speakers - creating harmonious setups where sound and picture seamlessly integrate to enable creation without limits.

Here is some inspiration for today's creators, based on some of our products in combination with great gear in real-life situations.

A great setup in Japan feat. MIZA M and MIZA Rack 16

This gorgeous setup in Japan is built around a MIZA M and MIZA Rack 16, allowing to record, mix, and film the creative moments of its owner Kazuki Sugawara.

Compact workstation with keyboard slider feat MIZA 88

When space is restricted and you need everything concentrated in one narrow space, having 3 levels helps, like this MIZA 88 Flex with key tray, large desktop, and bridge, completed by a couple of Croce Stands at GDG Music in Italy.

Vaja, working both on visual and music content with a MIZA X2 as centerpiece!

Electronic rocker and actress VAJA has built her audiovisual studio to match her varied needs: look great and sound even better, she has a unique voice, she hosts a YOUTUBE channel, and much more. She chose ZAOR and the MIZA X2 Flex desk as it matches her production style, where she is very much the pilot in the cockpit.

A compact setup desk with key trolley, rack and speaker stands for content creators at large

A lovely modern setup for sound design, guitar player, film, or game scoring where the eyes can feast as much as the ears. Built around a VISION OS desk and VISION KS keyboard trolley, with a VISION R side rack and MIZA V-STANDS.



Discover some of the products these artists and ourselves recommend for a high-performing creation station.

Miza 88 FLEX


Vision W


Miza M Flex


Miza Z Flex


Stand Croce 36 (pair)


Stand Monitor (single unit)


Miza X2 Flex


Miza 88 XL Flex


Maestro 24+12


Maestro Solo 12+6


Miza Griprack 4 MkII


Miza Rack 12 MkII


Miza Griprack 2 MkII




Vision K


Stand Croce 42 (pair)


Yesk 2 Studio Desk


Stand Miza MKIII (pair)