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Vision R
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Vision R



    The rack for the Vision line – and much more!

    Vision R

    With its sleek design, 12 ergonomically sloped rack units and the free-airflow construction, the Vision R rack is an option to consider regardless of desk choice.
    From an ergonomic standpoint, sloping a side rack makes perfect sense, since people rarely sit or lie on the floor when adjusting compression. The Vision R manages this with ease, almost effortlessly, as the fairly severe angle is a natural part of the Vision design. The completely open design, with no sealed enclosure, contributes to both the airy feel of the rack and the actual airflow. Even equipment that tends to be thermally critical can breathe freely in the Vision R. All of these features make the Vision R a desirable rack option in its own right. If you also use a desk from the Vision line, you'll be pleased to hear that the Vision R connects seamlessly to the cable management of those desks.

    Vision R

    Characteristics & Functionality


    • 12 slanted rack units support an ergonomic workflow
    • Simple yet elegant design matches almost any work environment
    • Free airflow for every device
    • Side ports perfectly fit Vision line cable management
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 770 x 577 x 805 mm
    • Weight: tba
    • Colors: Black and White
    Vision R


    Available for download in PDF format.

    Vision R


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